A dynamic 11-episode Bible teaching series unfolding key biblical narratives that reveal a God who passionately loves humanity, and will pay the ultimate price for our rescue.

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What is Tetelestai?

Tetelestai is a life-changing journey through the Scriptures tracing the Eternal Story of Redemption from the Garden of Eden to the risen Christ.

  • Discover the Bible through dynamic teaching enhanced by cinematic visuals and original soundtrack
  • Engage hearts & minds through biblical teaching presented in a fresh way
  • Unpack key narratives watching foundational truths come to life
  • Prepare and equip listeners to understand and confidently share the Gospel

//     Each 30-minute episode explores the key biblical narratives that progressively reveal the Gospel. Captivating, easy to use, and empowering for evangelism and discipleship.

Discover God’s stunning plan for our Redemption as you watch the Scriptures fit together and culminate in the payment for our rescue and the restoration of our relationship with the One we were created for.

Grow in your relationship with Christ as familiar narratives take on deeper significance. Catch a fresh glimpse of God’s love as you trace His hand through the pages of biblical history.

Gain a boldness in sharing your faith as you become grounded in the foundations of God’s Word and equipped to confidently share the story of the gospel in a simple and captivating way.

  • 01
    Eternal Story
  • 11
  • 24
    Biblical Narratives

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